Romeo Vini is founded on the forty-year experience of Romeo family and aims at strengthen a leading position for wine-lovers, spirit-lovers and for professionals of the restaurant industry, and with special care for consumers.


The link between Romeo Vini and Sicily springs from a deep love for the land and its fruits. The company takes advantage on the passion of experts who can enhance the great love for quality products and uses production methods that are the most accurate summary of tradition, technologies and modern knowledge.


"Sicily is the clue to everything "

The origins

Amaro Amaranca originated from the improvement of a really old and secret family recipe, passed down from generation to generation. Before the end of the last millennium, with the usual passion and thanks to Romeo Vini’s twenty-year experience in the wine and spirit sector, began the actual production. To date the final stage of the process is completed by the family members alone.

Amaranca is a genuine product obtained from the artisan processing of wild Sicilian orange (citrus aurantium) and from the extraction of herbs and roots, gathered in on the Etna slopes.
It reminds of all the passion of Sicilian workers, like our ancestor Don Totò Bambaci, who were dedicated to the cultivation and to the extraction of essential oils from citrus in post-World War II Sicily (i’ spiritara).

An exclusive and unique amaro that balances the classic ad smooth freshness of wild orange with the young and sparkling notes of aromatic herbs. Respecting and confirming, as a typical product does, the pairing of Sicily and citrus.

Bottiglia di Amaranca e arancia selvatica
Bottiglia Amaranca Anniversario


37th Anniversary

The Amaranca Magnum, in limited edition, is dedicated to the company "Romeo Vini".
The label and the family crest impressed in sealing wax give the product a refined and elegant appearance.

Capacity: 1,5 Lt

Alcoholic strength: 30%

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