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The wild orange (citrus aurantium), called “Melangolo”, is a very rare type of citrus tree. Probably a cross between Citrux maxima (pomelo) and Citrus reticulata (clementine).


Native to the far East, precisely to southern China and to northern Burma, was spread in Europe by the Portuguese and the Arabs in the 10th century. It is thought to believe that in Sicily was brought by Crusaders around the year 1000.

Largely used in pharmacy for its high content in synephrine, an alkaloid substance that accelerates metabolism helping the body burn fats.

Rich in flavonoids, which are similar to vitamin P, it stimulates vein circulation.

Great as a digestive tonic, it reduces intestinal bloating and it helps digestion.

The zest extract offers great benefits for joint and muscular pain.

Dalle propietà antispasmodiche, sedative e calmanti sono utilizzati per la preparazione di tisane curative.

Ottimo come riequilibrante nervoso e antidepressivo, è consigliato in caso di nervosismo, insonnia, emicrania e palpitazioni cardiache.

L’estratto dai fiori ha qualità analgesiche e antidolorifiche.

With antispasmodic, sedative and soothing properties, they are used in the preparation of healing infusions.

Excellent as a nervous rebalancing and as an antidepressant, it is suggested in case of irritability, insomnia, migraine and accelerated heartbeat.

The flower extract has analgesic and painkilling properties.

The fruits are rarely on the market, as they are predominantly used in pharmacy, perfumery and in the food industry.
The orange blossom essence, called Neroli, is obtained from flowers and it’s used in perfumery.