Amaranca e arancia selvatica

from a very old recipe

Love and passion

Amaranca springs from the improvement of a very old secret family recipe, passed down from one generation to another.

An exclusive and unique amaro that balances the classic ad smooth freshness of wild orange with the young and sparkling notes of aromatic herbs. Respecting and confirming, as a typical product does, the pairing of Sicily and citrus.

The "Amaro" has soon become a source of pride to Romeo Vini.

Servire ghiacciato

Unique taste

A sip of life!

Dark, strong and lively colour.
Fruity, balanced taste.
Original, sunny, Mediterranean scent.


Noble "Amaro" of Etna

Amaranca reminds of all the passion of Sicilian workers.

Arancia selvatica
Amaranca Nobile Amaro dell'Etna

Noble "Amaro" of Etna


Taste it now

Taste the Amaranca flavour

Serve ice-cold with orange zest and a mint leaf.

How the taste Amaranca

ice and fresh mint leaf





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Amaranca Nobile Amaro dell’Etna

Nobile Amaro dell’Etna

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